Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's been a while!

I've been pretty busy dealing with an injured husband, job changes, and a pretty nasty case of sinus crud over the winter, but I managed to take a little time today to experiment a little for an upcoming project - pot handle covers. The initial set will be for a friend, but if I can get the patterns down in a workable fashion, I'm tempted to make some for the craft fair that I'll be going to with a friend and see whether or not there's any interest. We'll be sharing a table, and hopefully I can bring enough goodies to make as good a showing as she will - she's got some pretty cool goodies!

Among other things I'll be taking are some kanzashi headbands, maybe some hair combs, and whatever else I can come up with in a couple of months worth of time. One challenge I saw was to try to use some of the techniques with 3D origami to see if I can make anything cool using kanzashi petals. I'm looking forward to it!

There are a lot of different patterns, but one I haven't used in a while was a good old fashioned Braid.

I'm still deciding whether I like the patterns altogether or not, but we'll see how they turn out!